In my Master Teacher training I was reintroduced to an Etheric Weaver, but let me start from the very beginning!

The etheric body is the energetic space directly outside of the physical body. It is a portion of the life force energy in which the physical body is built. It is where the “nadis” are formed.

Nadis are subtle flows of energy in the body. They are pathways of life force energy, spiritual and mental currents that help to create the physical body. Nadis provide energy to the cells and organs within our physical bodies.

Feelings, emotions, unresolved underlying energies can disrupt the etheric field. For example fear, worry, anger, or doubt can greatly impact this field. Physical choices such as drugs, drinking, or smoking can also weaken this inner structure, which will then flow into the physical body.


An “Etheric Weaver” goes back to our time in Atlantis and is a very sacred healing practice. I’ve had experiences with this tool in past lives. This work and this tool uses the power of Shambhala healing. In the words of one of the creators, Buddha Maitreya the “use of Etheric Weavers align you to your own self, your soul, and gives spontaneous healing. They decrystallize negative patterns and truly heal mind, body, and emotions, revitalizing the etheric field and aligning the individual to the unified soul of love.”

Etheric Weaver Healing Sessions allow for the transmutation of negative energy that may be impacting a person in a variety of ways. They can help with emotional difficulties, mental issues, beliefs, and issues in the physical body.

What are some benefits of Etheric Weaver Sessions?

  • During a session the Etheric Weaver will work with the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual body.
  • It will help to balance, purify and neutralize all energetic systems at a cellular level
  • It balances and clears any blockages in the etheric field to release what is not serving you
  • On a physical level, many issues in the physical body may experience a benefit from sessions, on a case by case basis
  • It awakens the light within, to bring forth more love and appreciation
  • It can help to increase awareness of angels and other high-level spiritual beings here to serve
  • It creates an immense sense of calmness in your life at the current time


I hope this serves as great information for you, and if you have any questions please reach out! I’ll keep gathering information and insights with each client I serve.