I’ve started working really hard to tap into the “subconscious mind” and wanted to give a really brief overview of what it is since i’ve had some questions about it!

I view the subconscious as the ultimate human computer. It holds on to absolutely everything that occurs in our lives. It also holds on to really strong emotions that come forward with us from past lives, and it can also hold energies that need resolved from our ancestral lines and family.

In our current life, our subconscious will hold on to “programming” that we receive as children. We receive this programming through memories, perceptions, and experiences that have been a part of our lives at one point in time or another. Our subconscious mind then make rules to live by based on programming, and honestly, it does not have to make one bit of sense and it isn’t rational.  It will do anything to do what it thinks will protect you and it is more than a million times more powerful than our conscious mind, which is a bit scary since it’s basically running the show!

Scientists have also discovered that the subconscious mind controls up to 95% of our mind, but we are really not aware of this! So ultimately getting answers and clarity from the subconscious mind is essential to your healing because you really can’t heal what you aren’t aware of.

I’ve been working with methods to test energies from the subconscious to determine what needs cleared, then working our way through that process with clients! It’s definitely worth the time and effort I’ve put into this for both myself and others!