Energy exchange. What is it from my perspective and why are we talking about it?

When I started working in the holistic healing world, I wanted to give more than I received. I did a variety of things to ensure I could take care of myself and my family while still providing more to others. I still do this, however, over the years I have realized that it can be very draining on my personal energy, and it’s not good to do on a regular basis until my business is performing at a much higher level.

Exchanging energy means that when I provide a healing service, a coaching call, an intuitive reading, or a new service for beta-testing, that I get something in return for it. It could be a donation (like in my free group last month), money for the service (which ultimately is energy), it could be detailed feedback on the performed free service, sending me a referral, or anything of that nature.

Ultimately and unfortunately, over the past few weeks I have been performing free services in return for feedback on them. Some clients have been absolutely wonderful, and provided me thoughtful and honest feedback on what occurred during our session. Well thought out, a variety of sentences and thoughts, along with honesty which is always appreciated! I also know that the few clients that I am waiting on will definitely do the same.

I have also had clients that put zero thought into responses, sent me a 2 liner that didn’t answer any of my questions, and was certainly not an equal or fair energetic exchange from my point of view. I’ve also had clients and friends that will almost always only take advantage of free sessions, but rarely do a paid session.  From the last two examples, hopefully you can understand why these people are not providing an equal energy exchange to me, and I will not do free or testimonial services for these clients again!

Equal energy ultimately means that we both receive something from the exchange, so it is not off balance. Again, this exchange can be anything, not just what is listed above! Energy exchanges are also important in relationships with family and friends, and it’s the best to have both parties give and receive as equally as possible! When we don’t have that, our energy can become worn out, confused, angry, and fatigued;  which is never good.

If I am beta-testing another modality or program, I will ALWAYS look for those that will provide me what I need. When I spend my time and the years I spent on energy healing, I do want someone who can recognize and give me the feedback that I need to be successful for everyone that I support. Thank you for being a member of my tribe!