In doing “Spiritual Work” over the last 5 years, I decided long ago that it was important to maintain a certain number of things on a daily basis that keep me feeling my best.

This doesn’t have to be called a “spiritual” practice if that word totally freaks you out. I could also call it a “personal practice” or “how to start my day feeling my best”! It doesn’t matter to me, so find the phrase that works the best for you!

Throughout 2020 I have also been working with clients that have the mindset – in order to be “spiritual” I must be this, or I must do that, I must take hours and hours to complete all of these spiritual tasks and things of that nature. My guidance is to anyone that is reading – You DO NOT have to do what anyone else does! You do not need to be what anyone else is, or be just like someone you admire!

It is tiring to try to be something you are not. What I ask of you, is to simply be you. Not me, not your neighbor, not your co-worker. Just be you. Test different practices out and find what works for you! We are all completely different souls, and we will never do things the same. Know that there is not one right way, one wrong way, it is just what it is! Allow, be open, and try things out!


Behind the scenes of my personal spiritual practice…

Know that over the years, my practice has changed, based on what is happening within my life and within my work and it will be the same for you! Just note, some of things you can jump into right away, but there may be methods I use that won’t necessarily make sense to you unless you’ve worked with me. So take what you will from this! Here are some of the basics that I do maintain myself on a weekly basis ::

  • Meditation – I view meditation as basically clearing out the brain and allowing it to perform at it’s highest and best version after I complete this. I’ve taken classes with 2 different meditation teachers and it has definitely improved my ability and my expectations of the task at hand.

When I first started trying to meditate, I always followed along with a guided meditation. YouTube has plenty online, you’ll just need to find the one that is right for you. Currently, however, I definitely lean towards a simple time of focusing on my body along with silence.

This is what is working best for me right now! I usually keep it to between 10 – 15 minutes, and my type of meditation can only be done in the morning or by mid-afternoon at the latest. It definitely wakes the mind up, so it’s a great way to start my day!


  • Exercise – Right now I am in a holding pattern away from exercise due to a biopsy, however, in a normal week I will exercise regularly. I normally exercise between 3 – 4 days a week, for at least 20 minutes at a time.

What’s the importance and why is this added to my spiritual practice? Since I work with energy on a daily basis, exercise with heavy breathing is a way to clear out my energetic field of any “gunk” that gets into my system from other people, from the media, phone calls, etc…

Obviously, we also want to keep our heart, our lungs, and our muscles strong, so that’s the other part of it. But this is one more important way to clear out my energetic field that works really well!


  • Oracle Cards – I have at least 30 different decks, and this is just my personal preference. I am easily connected and attuned to my angelic guidance, however, I do enjoy pulling a card on a regular basis! This is a really easy way to get high-level guidance from your spiritual team, should you so choose! It also takes less than 5 minutes, so it’s an easy win!


  • Energetic Maintenance – Our energies get off-balance just from day to day living, so I do make it a point every single day to manage and protect my own energy field. I do this a few different ways, it just depends on how I am guided each morning.


  1. Crystal Light Bed – when I have a lot of clients throughout the day I will definitely jump under the light bed, and I will place my oracle cards, my angelic reiki crystal, my etheric weaver, or anything else that needs cleared under it!


2. Tapping – Tapping acupressure points is a quick and easy way to move stagnant energy out of the body and anyone can do this as well! I have a few methods that I ALWAYS use to balance the left and right        side of my energetic body, as well as increasing my energy for the given time! I usually only do this in the morning up through lunch because I have experienced not being able to sleep from tapping certain locations in the body so don’t forget that if you try it for yourself!

  I actually do far more with energies than anything else, but I’ll leave that alone for right now and stick with things that I know you will know how to do! 


  • Crystals – There is not a day that goes by that you will not find a tumbled or raw crystal in my pocket. This is one of my go-to’s that I have been doing for years, and it really takes no time!

Crystals can bring forth a certain energy that you might need during your day. Another one could help to ground your energy if you need it. Or protect your energy. Help provide you with more confidence. Or an open heart. Anything at all! Find one that simply draws you in, and keep it with you during your days! Lastly, don’t forget to clear them in the sunlight or moonlight, or in sage, or with intention to keep their energies clear and humming. They will absorb energies of yours that you don’t necessarily need, so clear them out often!


Other things you could add to your Spiritual or Personal Practice….


Journaling :: Do you enjoy writing? Does it help you to put your words on to paper? If so, try this out either in the morning, or in the evening before bed! It’s an easy method to help let go of things, or to manifest things you desire.


Gratitude :: I have several gratitude journals, yet never remember to do this. If this resonates with you, definitely write down 3 (or more) things that you are grateful for every single morning! I had a past coworker that simply wrote it in a tiny little notepad that she kept in her purse. There are a lot of formal gratitude journals as well, so figure out if one of these things work for you!


Yoga :: Granted, I know this could be included in exercise, but I don’t really feel like it belongs there. Yoga is a practice all in it’s own. Slowing down the body, slowing down the mind, focusing on what is. It’s a beautiful practice if you are called to it!



How to create your own “Spiritual or Personal Practice”…


To get started, I would determine how much time you have to complete these tasks to help you be your best self! I tend to allow about 30 minutes in the morning before anyone else gets up, but what works for you? Can you do in the morning? Or do you have a few moments at lunch? What about before you go to bed?


Grab maybe 1 or 2 tasks on here that resonate with you to start. Or add something else to the list!


Lastly, give yourself at least 30 days to begin to make a habit out of this practice. Put it on your calendar and really make it a non-negotiable for yourself. You can’t stick with it if it doesn’t become a habit, so definitely try your best to do it!


Let your friends/family/coworkers know what you are doing, share it out loud! Find an accountability partner to help you in the process!