Hey angels,

Over 48 hours have passed. I have determined that my mindset and my thoughts are going to be on a constant rollercoaster over these next several weeks or months. I totally accept that, and I am looking for the blessings and the good times wherever I can.

Yesterday I ran around like normal, tested some wines to pick up some birthday gifts for one of my closest friends. Delivered gifts. Chatted with a friend about what’s going on in the world and just tried to feel normal. Right now I am most comfortable just acting like today is a day like every other day. Handling obligations, not telling anyone anything yet, and still unfortunately recovering from my biopsy last Monday that hurts like hell.

Talking to myself in my head all day long. Yesterday I had a victim mentality and definitely didn’t talk to myself appropriately. My main question was – why is this happening to me? What did I do so wrong? Nothing I do is right. It doesn’t matter how I eat, I’m screwed anyways. Obviously, those words don’t energetically work in the body and they certainly don’t support the healing mindset that I need for recovery.

Today, I got right on with life at 6:30am. As I was taking just a bit of time for quiet, I had received some inspiration and guidance. When I am willing to listen, I totally talk to angels.  I am open to doing just about anything that I need to do right now to support myself until I receive more information (hopefully next week)!


  • EFT Tapping – technically I’m doing this in my head right now, I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually do it somewhere that my husband is not sitting! But in my head I am doing it for stress, anxiety, and to try to help my body process healing!


  • Positive Affirmations – the mind is an interesting thing. I can’t affirm things that I don’t necessarily believe, or that I am unsure of, so this is still a work in progress. But all day I have been trying to state – my body is strong, I am capable of handling this, I have so much more to do, I can totally beat this. You know, just whatever seems positive that I can come up with, as often as I think of it.


  • Blessing my Food – I went back to my normal eating habits today. Totally whole food, a lot of vegetables, things of that nature. But this morning I was totally guided to bless every thing that I put into my body. I say a prayer, tell it that it is fueling my body with the nutrients that it needs to keep me strong, and it is destroying cancer cells with every bite. Every single time. I am also blessing my water with health, love, happiness, joy, etc… I did totally forget to bless my wine, but otherwise, I’m totally on top of this,


  • Triple Warmer/Spleen Meridian –  If anyone here is familiar with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, I’ve been playing with my Triple Warmer energy system and my spleen meridian. If my triple warmer has been working on overdrive, it’s obviously impacting my health. So I am working to balance both of these together to help make the greatest impact for my health!


I am obviously still working with clients specifically for healing. If you didn’t know this, Angelic Reiki heals both the client and the healer at the same time! So being a little bit selfish, doing this works gives me more healing than I would be willing to do on myself at any given time.

If you are going through something traumatic or scary, I hope this guidance from the angels helps you! If you need anything just reach out!