Meditation helps me to become more mindful and aware. It also lowers my stress levels. When I meditate, I focus on relaxing images and thoughts. I let go of tension in my body and mind. I discover greater happiness and peace.

  1. Meditation enhances my relationships. I feel kinder and more forgiving. I have greater compassion for others, as well as myself.

2. Meditation clears my mind. I put my doubts and fears into perspective. I challenge my self-limiting beliefs and discover greater resilience.

3.Meditation helps me to sleep. I wake up in the morning feeling revitalized and refreshed.

4.I prepare to meditate by saying prayers or listening to uplifting music. I sit down and tune into my breath.


I start out gradually. A few minutes of meditation is worthwhile as long as I make an effort to concentrate. My capacity grows over time. I let go of expectations and judgements. I accept whatever thoughts arise without experiencing guilt or anger.

I develop greater knowledge and insights into myself and my experiences. I recognize habits that hold me back and discover the courage to change. I enjoy feeling more in control of my life.

Today, I practice meditation. I feel more at peace with myself and the world around me.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What are 3 things I can do to encourage a consistent meditation practice?
  2. How can I create an inviting meditation space in my home?
  3. What is my reason for meditating?