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Angelic Reiki is an energy healing technique that works on your personal energy within your body, tapping into your 7 most common chakras, your aura and your etheric web surrounding the physical body. The energies work within your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Angelic Reiki brings balance and healing to the areas that you need it the most, guided by your Angelic Team.

Benefits of Angelic Reiki Healing Sessions:

1.) Help your physical body recover from illness
2.) Induce extreme relaxation and reduce stress
3.) Increase the body’s immune system
4.) Can help you feel empowered and stronger on all levels
5.) Provide a peaceful, calmer attitude
6.) Promote feelings of peace and security
7.) Eases physical or emotional ailments

In this set of four sessions we will connect distantly, either via phone, skype, text, or Facebook Messenger. You will set your intention for healing and I will work as a conduit to send angelic healing energy to your mind, body, and soul with the use of the crystal bed for chakra healing. I will send or speak detailed messages of any intuitive guidance that comes through for you at the end of the session.

Angelic Reiki may include any of the following healing techniques within the system as guided by the Divine: 

1.) Multi-Dimensional Past Life Healing
2.) Ascended Masters Healing
3.) Galactic Healers Healing
4.) The Divine Presence Healing 
5.) Etheric Web Healing

***** All 4 sessions are required to be completed within four months of purchase. If you do not use them you will forfeit them******

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4 Sessions – 30 minutes each, 4 Sessions – 45 minutes each, 4 Sessions – 60 minutes each


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