Subconcious Healing from the Heart


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Learn how to make lasting changes within your subconscious mind and have the potential to impact the rest of your life! The purpose of this signature healing program is to move toward a life of clarity, empowerment, authenticity, and fulfillment; not necessarily to turn your whole life upside down.

I promise you that there will be tremendous growth. There will be a variety of proven healing techniques and homework for self-healing. This will allow you to walk away with the basis to work on yourself for the rest of your life! There will be real change and if you put everything into this program that you have – you will finish feeling lighter, more confident, and free from a lot past burdens that impacted your life.

Throughout this Program You Will Be Diving Deeply into What Makes You Tick, Creating the Fundamental Changes to your Subconscious Beliefs and allowing for the Mindset Shifts You Desire in Your Life.


  1. Two PDF’s to start you on your way to healing
  2. Two MP3’s to help with healing and quieting the mind
  3. Guidance on 1 – 3 different energy therapy techniques that I will teach you so you can work on yourself! These techniques may include:
    1. Consolidation of all past experiences/energies that need cleared
    2. Energy Testing 
    3. Thymus Tapping 
    4. EFT 
    5. EFT Energy
    6. Chakra Energy Clearing  
    7. Energy Therapy Routines 
  4. Four Private calls or skype sessions per month to gain clarity on goals, subconscious beliefs, energies, healing
  5. Releasing past emotions that do not serve your highest good
  6. Releasing past experiences that do not help you be your best
  7. A lighter and more peaceful life once we are completed



  • May help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • May help lower cortisol levels and improve stress biochemistry
  • May help to reduce fear
  • May help with PTSD
  • May help reduce chronic pain when used accordingly
  • May help with phobias
  • May help with anger
  • May improve emotional well-being
  • May shift mis-aligned energies in the body
  • Promote well-being
  • Promotes inner-peace
  • Helps with self-love
  • Increases empowerment
  • May help with confidence
  • May increase physical energy
  • May increase focus in the mind
  • May reduce sadness
  • May improve lymphatic circulation
  • Peacefulness when completed



  • If you’re ready to release harmful beliefs
  • You’re willing to commit to at least 15 minutes of energy healing homework every day
  • You’re open to a variety of scientific and spiritual energy healing/clearing techniques



  • You want someone to do the work for you
  • You’re not capable of doing the inner-work needed
  • You’re not willing to commit yourself to this program
  • You’re not open to spiritual methods or techniques
  • You’re not willing to let go of discomfort to get to your joy


We recommend an 8 – 12 week package (releasing and healing definitely takes time) but will definitely allow you to do 4 weeks to dip your toes in the water! It will be worth every minute!

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Subconscious Healing from the Heart

Healing from the Heart Sessions Only, Add on 2 Angelic Healing Sessions


4 Weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks


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